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Malkia is located in Israel
Coordinates: 33°5′53.51″N 35°30′39.95″E / 33.0981972°N 35.5110972°E / 33.0981972; 35.5110972Coordinates: 33°5′53.51″N 35°30′39.95″E / 33.0981972°N 35.5110972°E / 33.0981972; 35.5110972
Council Upper Galilee
Region Galilee
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded March 1949
Founded by Demobilized soldiers

Malkia (Hebrew: מַלְכִּיָּה) is a kibbutz in northern Israel. Located near the Lebanese border and Kiryat Shmona, it falls under the jurisdiction of Upper Galilee Regional Council. In 2006 it had a population of 329.

Independence War Memorial in Kibbutz Malkia

The village was established in March 1949 by six former Palmach soldiers who had been demobilised at the end of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. It was named after the depopulated Arab village of al-Malkiyya and after the biblical village of Malkia, which was named after a priestly family[1] from biblical times (Nehemiah 10:4) settling here, on whose lands it was established.

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