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2013 TUTS production at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park

The Marion Malkin Memorial Bowl, or Malkin Bowl, is an outdoor theatre in Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Built in 1934, it was originally a two-thirds-size replica of the Hollywood Bowl. Allard de Ridder, then conductor of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, was largely responsible for convincing W.H. Malkin, a former mayor of Vancouver, to build the theatre as a summer concert venue for the VSO.[1] Malkin endowed the theatre in memory of his wife, Marion.

Malkin Bowl is home to Theatre Under The Stars, or TUTS.


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Coordinates: 49°17′56″N 123°08′00″W / 49.298773°N 123.133435°W / 49.298773; -123.133435