Malla, Estonia

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Malla Manor
Malla Manor
Malla is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 59°30′04″N 26°35′18″E / 59.50111°N 26.58833°E / 59.50111; 26.58833Coordinates: 59°30′04″N 26°35′18″E / 59.50111°N 26.58833°E / 59.50111; 26.58833
Country  Estonia
County Lääne-Virumaa lipp.svg Lääne-Viru County
Municipality Flag of Viru-Nigula Parish.svg Viru-Nigula Parish
Population (01.01.2011[1])
 • Total 82

Malla is a village in Viru-Nigula Parish, Lääne-Viru County, in northeastern Estonia. It is located about 3 km east of the town of Kunda. On 1 January 2011 Malla had a population of 82.[1]

Malla manor[edit]

Malla manor traces its history back to 1443, when it is first recorded in written sources. During that time, there was a small castle at the site. Around 1620, the estate became the property of Swedish field marshal Gustav Horn. In 1651-1654, he commissioned architect Zakarias Hoffmann to erect a new manor house on the site. The house burnt down during the Great Northern War, and the current building received its appearance in the 1880s.[2]


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