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Mallory is an English surname. Spelling variants include Mallary, Mallery, Malorie, Mallorie, and Mallorey. Mallory is also a given name derived from the surname.


  • Arenia Mallory (1904–1977), American founder and head of what is now Saints Academy in Lexington, Mississippi, United States
  • Benajah Mallory (c. 1764–1853), farmer, merchant and political figure in Upper Canada
  • Bill Mallory (1935–), American football head coach
  • Boots Mallory (1913–1958), American film actress, dancer and model
  • Caitlin Mallory (1987–), American ice dancer who competes internationally for Estonia
  • Carole Mallory (1942–), American film actress and former model
  • Clare Mallory, the penname of American children's author Winifred Constance McQuilkan Hall (1913–1991)
  • Edward Mallory, born Edward Ralph Martz (1930–2007), American actor
  • Francis Mallory (1807–1860), American naval officer, physician, railroad executive and U.S. Representative from Virginia
  • Frank Burr Mallory (1862–1941), American pathologist for whom the Mallory body is named
  • George Mallory (1886–1924), British mountaineer who died attempting to climb Mount Everest
  • George Kenneth Mallory (1900–1986), American physician for whom Mallory-Weiss syndrome is named
  • James Mallory (jurist) (1916–2003), Canadian academic and constitutional expert
  • Jim Mallory (1918–2001), American baseball player
  • JP Mallory (1945–), Irish-American archaeologist and Indo-Europeanist
  • L.B. Mallory (1871–1933), American politician and 28th Chief Clerk of the California Assembly
  • Laura Mallory, an American who unsuccessfully attempted to have Harry Potter books removed from the Gwinnett County, Georgia, school system's library
  • Lee Mallory (1945–2005), American singer, songwriter and guitarist
  • Mae Mallory (1929–2007), American Black liberation leader and member of the Workers World Party
  • Mark Mallory (1962–), American politician in Ohio and elected Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2005
  • Michael Mallory (1955–), American author and journalist
  • Mike Mallory, former American football linebacker who is currently Assistant Special Teams Coach for the New Orleans Saints
  • Molla Mallory (1892–1959), Norwegian-American tennis player
  • Penny Mallory (1966–), UK National Ladies Champion Rally Driver in 1993 and UK television presenter
  • Philip Mallory (1885–1975), American businessman, one of the original founders of Duracell
  • Robert Mallory (1815–1885), U.S. Representative from Kentucky
  • Ronald Mallory (1939–), American painter, holographer and sculptor
  • Rufus Mallory (1831–1914), U.S. Representative from Oregon
  • Stephen Mallory (c. 1812–1873), U.S. Senator from Florida and Confederate Secretary of the Navy during the American Civil War
  • Stephen Mallory II (1848–1907), U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative from Florida
  • Thomas Malory (c. 1399–1471), English compiler of Le Morte d'Arthur, a book of French and English Arthurian romances
  • Trafford Leigh-Mallory (1892–1944), senior Royal Air Force officer during WWII
  • Victoria Mallory, the stage name of the American singer and actress, Vicki Morales (1949–)
  • William L. Mallory, Sr. (1931–), the first African-American to serve as Ohio House of Representatives Majority Floor Leader

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  • Mallory is the conventional name for an attacker in cryptographic examples; see Alice and Bob.
  • The McNabb-Mallory rule is a rule of evidence in United States law.

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