Malmö Borgarskola

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Malmö Borgarskola
Malmö borgarskola.jpg
Coordinates 55°35′55″N 12°59′28″E / 55.59861°N 12.99111°E / 55.59861; 12.99111Coordinates: 55°35′55″N 12°59′28″E / 55.59861°N 12.99111°E / 55.59861; 12.99111
Type Gymnasium
Motto "Borgar för kunskap"
Established 1874
School district Malmö
Principal Nicola Sarac
Color(s) Green and Yellow
Mascot Bear

Malmö Borgarskola is a Swedish gymnasium (upper secondary school) located in Malmö, Sweden.

The school was founded in 1874 and has a long tradition as an educational institute. The school is renowned for its International Baccalaureate programme, which consistently produces high achieving students.[1] In addition, the students and the faculty have also won several national and international prizes and awards.[2]

The school also has strong ties abroad. It hosts official education advising centres for students who are interested in studying in the USA (EducationUSA)[3] and in the UK (EducationUK).[4] Jack Straw visited the school when he was the Foreign Secretary for the United Kingdom.[2][5]

The school offers several programmes, including:

The school is also home to a wide variety of student associations. MBIF, Malmö Borgarskola Sports Association, is one of the oldest sports associations in Sweden. Other associations includes MBEF, Malmö Borgarskola Aesthetics Association, and MBMF, Malmö Borgarskola Mathematics Association. There is also some friendly rivalry going on between Malmö Borgarskola and the nearby Sankt Petri school.

Notable students[edit]


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