Malmö District Court

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Malmö District Court
Malmö tingsrätt
Malmö tingsrätt vapen.svg
Coat of arms.
Appeals toScania and Blekinge Court of Appeal
CurrentlyEva Wendel Rosberg
Malmö District Court.

Malmö District Court (Swedish: Malmö tingsrätt) is a law court in Malmö, Sweden whose jurisdiction includes the municipalities of Burlöv, Malmö and Vellinge. Malmö District Court comes under the Court of Appeal for Skåne and Blekinge.

In 2014 a building in which part of the court operates was targeted by a bomb which caused minor damage.[1] Later the same year another more powerful bomb planted at the entrance by unknown perpetrators.[2] The second bomb was powerful to destroy its entrance and damaged windows and balconies of nearby buildlings but no people were hurt.[2] As a result, the wisdom of placing the court building of a volatile city in a residential area was questioned by officials.[2]

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