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Malmaliya is a village in Siwan district, Bihar, India. It belongs to Kauriya panchayat. This village has biggest temple after Hanuman Mandir of Patna named as "Hanuman Gadhi Mandir" in Bihar. This place is known for "Ox fare" which was started around 40 years ago. Which is named shree durga maveshi mela. A railways project has started which will connect to Mashrakh and Siwan. A railway station is planned to be very close to Hanuman Mandir. It is situated at the confluence of two highways. This place has a Bus station from where passengers can get bus to different location of Bihar and neighboring states. Malmalia is a crowded place and well known for export of fruits like Mango, Banana etc. Narauni tola is very famous place it is also a part of MALMALIYA.

Coordinates: 26°09′53″N 84°40′36″E / 26.1648°N 84.6767°E / 26.1648; 84.6767