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Coordinates: 60°15′01″N 25°00′35″E / 60.25028°N 25.00972°E / 60.25028; 25.00972

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Malmi (Swedish: Malm[1]) is a regional center and a major district on the north-eastern part of Helsinki, Finland. It has a population of 24,312 (2008).[2]

Kristian Gullichsen, Malmi Church, Helsinki (1982)

Malmi (Malmin kaupunginosa) is divided into six subareas, which are Ylä-Malmi, Ala-Malmi, Pihlajamäki, Tattariharju, Malmin lentokenttä (Malmi airport) and Pihlajisto.

Malmin peruspiiri is a related but distinct subdivision of Helsinki (used for certain administrative purposes) which does not include Pihlajamäki and Pihlajisto, but instead includes Tapanila and Tapaninvainio. The population of this area is approximately 27,800.

Malmi has its own railway station and an airport.

For the 1952 Summer Olympics, it hosted the pistol and rifle shooting events.


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