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Malo Konare

Coordinates: 42°12′00″N 24°25′59″E / 42.200°N 24.433°E / 42.200; 24.433
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Malo Konare
Мало Конаре
Malo Konare is located in Bulgaria
Malo Konare
Malo Konare
Coordinates: 42°12′00″N 24°25′59″E / 42.200°N 24.433°E / 42.200; 24.433
Country Bulgaria
 • Mayor (Municipality)Petar Kulenski (PP–DB)
 • Mayor (Town Hall)Dimcho Karaivanov
 • Total52.214 km2 (20.160 sq mi)
209 m (686 ft)
 • Total3,852
 • Density74/km2 (190/sq mi)
Area code03513
Vehicle registrationРА

Malo Konare (Bulgarian: Мало Конаре) is a village located in Pazardzhik Municipality, Pazardzhik Province, of southern Bulgaria. The population is 3,852 as of 2024 and is the biggest village in the municipality.[1]


Malo Konare is located in the eastern part of Pazardzhik Province and lies 8 km away from the municipal centre Pazardzhik and 106 km away from the capital Sofia.[2][3] It borders Luda Yana to the west and its territory in the northwest reaches the left bank of the river. Its width is 4 km to the north, south and east. Malo Konare is located in the Upper Thracian Plain with an elevation of 209 m and is on flat terrain with the exception of some Thracian mounds which break its flat monotomy. The biggest of them all is "Staro selishte" which is located 4 km east from the village.[4] The plain around the Luda Yana is slightly raised and uneven.[5] There are oak, acacia, poplar and zelkova trees. There are many orchards on the village's territory.[6] The land is fertile and is made up of alluvial and loess soils.[6][2]

Economy and infrastructure[edit]

The main road in Malo Konare

Agriculture is developed in Malo Konare. Many types of fruits and vegetables are grown. There are also vineyards and orchards.[2] Livestock breeding such as cattle, poultry and sheep is also developed.[2] There is also a fishery.[7]

Infrastructure is poorly developed. The water supply is made up of three class pumps. The water source is groundwater.[8] Since 2011 there are over 1900 homes.[9] The houses are mainly made of bricks, concrete slabs and metal joists.[10] The village is served by the first class I-8 road the starting point of the 37 km long third class III-8003 road.[11]


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