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Malolo is located in Fiji
Location in Fiji
Coordinates: 17°44′58″S 177°10′10″E / 17.74944°S 177.16944°E / -17.74944; 177.16944Coordinates: 17°44′58″S 177°10′10″E / 17.74944°S 177.16944°E / -17.74944; 177.16944
Country Fiji
Island group Mamanuca Islands

Malolo is an inhabited volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean, near Fiji.


Retaliation taken against Malolo during the United States Exploring Expedition, drawn by Alfred Thomas Agate

Malolo was one of the locations visited by members the United States Exploring Expedition under Charles Wilkes in 1840. During the visit, two members of the party, including Midshipman Wilkes Henry, Wilkes' nephew, were killed by natives as they attempted to negotiate for food. In retaliation, sixty crewmen from the Expedition's ships attacked and destroyed the villages of Sualib and Arro on Malolo; they also laid waste to all of the crops and huts located in between the two.


Malolo Island is accessible by boat or through the nearby Malolo Lailai Airport.