Malostranské náměstí

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Lower Square, the central area: Jesuit College (now part of the University), tower and dome of St. Nicholas Church (Malá Strana).

Malostranské náměstí is the main square of Prague's Malá Strana.[1] St. Nicholas Church and the adjacent building complex divides the square in an upper (western) and lower (eastern) part. From the square Mostecká ulice leads out to the Charles Bridge.[2]


  1. ^ Fodor's Citypack Prague Michael Ivory, Fodor's - 2001 - Page 33 "Malostranske namesti is lined with a fascinating mixture of ancient town houses and grand palaces, while attached to St. Nicholas's is the Jesuits's college, now part of the university. HIGHLIGHTS Chram sv. Mikuldse • West front • St. Barbara's .."
  2. ^ Time Out Prague - 2000 Page 81 "The main drag between Charles Bridge and Malostranske namesti is Mostecka. It's a continuation of the Royal Route - the path taken by the Bohemian kings to their coronation - and is lined with elegant baroque dwellings. At No. 15 is the Kaunitz Palace (Kaunicuv palac), built in 1773."

Coordinates: 50°05′17″N 14°24′14″E / 50.0881°N 14.4039°E / 50.0881; 14.4039