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Malpur is one of the oldest villages in Islamabad located off the Murree Road with views of Margalla Hills and Rawal Lake. Inhabited by the Raja kayani gakhars, the area has held importance for centuries.[citation needed] Gakhars kayani are known as Sardar's (chief or leader) of this village.

In 2009 the Capital Development Authority announced plans to make Malpur a model village.[1] The project would also accommodate the local residents of the area in a planned and well-organized manner.[citation needed]

The Capital Development Authority also announced that a big piece of land in Malpur was in the control of the Ministry of Environment, where a forestry park would be developed.

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Coordinates: 33°43′40″N 73°8′38″E / 33.72778°N 73.14389°E / 33.72778; 73.14389