Malsaram (2004 film)

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Directed by Anil C. Menon
Produced by K. V. Kaladharani
Thobias Shoja
Written by T. A. Shahid
Starring Kalabhavan Mani
Music by M. Jayachandran
Cinematography Sree Shankar
Edited by L. Bhoominathan
Distributed by Malavika Release
Release date
  • 27 December 2003 (2003-12-27)
Country India
Language Malayalam

Malsaram is a 2003 Malayalam movie directed by Anil C. Menon. The movie features Kalabhavan Mani, Vijayaraghavan and Karthika in the lead roles.

The movie was produced by K. V. Kaladharan, Thobias and Shoja under the banner of Malavika Films and was distributed by Malavika Release and Sivasakthi.


Kupikundam Hamsa (Kalabhavan Mani) is the illegitimate son of Achum Kundam Thomacha (Vijayaraghavan). Hamsa's mother is a mentally deranged lady. Hamsa bears a grudge against Achum Kundam Thomacha and keeps on troubling him all the time.

Achum Kundam Thomacha's daughters are on the side of Mani. Achum Kundam Thomacha gets his son in law a Circle Inspector to come on transfer and get Mani controlled but this too fails. The son in law then gets a killer from Chennai to bump off Mani. The killer is a look alike of Mani. A struggle takes place and the killer is stabbed to death.

The public thinks that Hamsa is dead. Mani now with Hanifa takes the place of the killer. Achum Kundam Thomacha gets angry with his son in law for selling off properties without his knowledge and disowns him. The son in law once again goes to Chennai and tells Mani to kill Achum Kundam Thomacha without realising his true identity. Now father and son unite against a common enemy.



M. Jayachandran gave music to the songs in the movie for which the lyrics has been written by S. Ramesan Nair. The BGM has been done by S. P. Venkatesh.

  1. Ilam khalbile malar painkili: K. J. Yesudas
  2. Ponnambili: M. Jayachandran
  3. Poonila: P. Jayachandran, Sujatha Mohan
  4. He kaale: Kalabhavan Mani
  5. Poonilakkuliril vayo: Sujatha Mohan
  6. Ilam khalbile malar painkili: Sujatha Mohan
  7. Dhatak Dhatak: Mano, Ganga
  8. Hariraga sagaram: K. S. Chithra

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