Malta Grand Prix

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Malta Grand Prix
Tournament information
Venue Mediterranean Conference Centre
Location Valletta
Country Malta
Established 1994
Organisation(s) World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association
Format Non-ranking event
Final year 2001
Final champion(s) Scotland Stephen Hendry

The Malta Grand Prix was a professional snooker tournament which ran from the 1994/95 season to 2000/2001, sponsored by Rothmans. In 2000 only it was a European ranking tournament.[1]



Year Winner Runner-up Final score Season
Malta Grand Prix (non-ranking)
1994 England John Parrott Malta Tony Drago 7–6 1994/95
1995 England Peter Ebdon Scotland John Higgins 7–4 1995/96
1996 England Nigel Bond Malta Tony Drago 7–3 1996/97
1997 Republic of Ireland Ken Doherty Scotland John Higgins 7–5 1997/98
1998 Scotland Stephen Hendry Republic of Ireland Ken Doherty 7–6 1998/99
Malta Grand Prix (ranking)
2000 Republic of Ireland Ken Doherty Wales Mark Williams 9–3 1999/00
Malta Grand Prix (non-ranking)
2001 Scotland Stephen Hendry Wales Mark Williams 7–1 2000/01


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