Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005

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Eurovision Song Contest 2005
Country Malta
National selection
Selection processSong For Europe 2005
Selection date(s)19 February 2005
Selected entrantChiara
Selected song"Angel"
Finals performance
Final result2nd, 192 points
Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Malta was represented in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 by the song "Angel" performed by Chiara.

Chiara Siracusa debuted as an artist in 1998 when she performed "The One That I Love" at the ‘Malta Song for Europe’ contest. With her performance the Maltese selected her to represent the nation in the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 in Birmingham. The artist ‘Chiara’ was born. Chiara delivered an amazing performance on the Eurovision stage, which led to a credible 3rd place. In 1998 she won the ‘Best Female Artist’ at the 1998 Malta Music Awards and released three albums on the local market. Chiara developed her song-writing skills and is the lyricist and composer of "Angel".

National final[edit]

Malta SFE 2005 Logo

The Maltese "Song For Europe" National Final was held on February 19, 2005 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta. The hosts of the event were Clare Aguis, John Bundy, and Moira Delia. 22 song competed and the winner was chosen by televoting. There seemed to be a problem calculating the final results since only two of the three phone operators turned over their results. The third phone company eventually revealed that they had no results and a winner was declared. Chiara was chosen to represent Malta with the song "Angel". 2001 representative Fabrizio Faniello was also present among the competitors.

Draw Artist Song Televote Place
1 Natasha & Charlene "Love is the reason" 1,454 13
2 Eleonor Cassar "He" 2,026 10
3 Fabrizio Faniello "Don't tell it" 1,574 12
4 Gunther Chetcuti "One life" 1,421 15
5 Aldo Busuttil "Addio ciao" 3,561 5
6 Keith Camilleri "Sunshine in your eyes" 4,603 4
7 Ali & Lis "Don't stop the party" 2,525 8
8 Louiseann Tate "Time to fall in love again" 1,450 14
9 Olivia Lewis "Deja vu" 11,369 2
10 Rosman Pace "The sky is the limit" 670 20
11 Fiona & Nadine "Words of love" 1,657 11
12 Justine "Through your eyes" 711 19
13 Karen Polidano "Holding me down" 714 18
14 Leontine & Roger "There for you" 847 17
15 Romina & Rachel & Neville "We can do better" 654 22
16 The Mics "It's up to you" 666 21
17 Chiara "Angel" 11,935 1
18 Glen Vella "Appreciate" 3,358 6
19 Andreana & Christian "Let's make a change" 992 16
20 Pamela "Play on" 2,232 9
21 J. Anvil "You" 5,903 3
22 Manuel "The angels are tired" 2,526 7

At Eurovision[edit]

Since Malta placed within the top 12 countries (excluding the Big Four) in the 2004 Contest, Malta pre-qualified to compete directly in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005.On 21 May Malta performed 3rd, following United Kingdom and preceding the Romania, at the close of voting it had received 192 points and finished in 2nd place this was Malta's best result up to that point, and is still one of two second-place finishes for Malta, still being Malta's best results at Eurovision.Meaning that Malta automatically qualified for the final in the 2006 contest.

The spokesperson who revealed Malta's votes for other countries was TVM host Valerie Vella.[1]

Points Awarded by Malta[edit]

Points Awarded to Malta[edit]

Points Awarded to Malta (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point


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