Maltese order of precedence

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Order of precedence as from 2016

  1. President of Malta
  2. Prime Minister
  3. Speaker of the House
  4. Archbishop of Malta
  5. Chief Justice
  6. Ministers
  7. Parliamentary Secretaries
  8. Leader of the Opposition
  9. Former Presidents, Former Prime Ministers
  10. Diplomatic Corps
  11. Bishop of Gozo
  12. Principal Permanent Secretary
  13. Judges
  14. Attorney General
  15. Deputy Speaker
  16. MPs
  17. Former archbishops, chief justices, Speakers
  18. Magistrates
  19. Permanent secretaries, Police Commissioner, Commander AFM
  20. Auditor General and Ombudsman

Template:Precedence prior to 2016 The Maltese order of precedence is a conventionally set list. It is only used as a guide for protocol.

  1. President of Malta (Marie Louise Coleiro Preca)
  2. Foreign heads of state/Reigning monarchs
  3. Prime Minister (Joseph Muscat)
  4. Deputy Prime Minister (Louis Grech)
  5. Chief Justice (Silvio Camilleri)
  6. Speaker of the House (Angelo Farrugia)
  7. Ministers of the Government
  8. Justices of the Superior Court
  9. Parliamentary Secretaries
  10. Members of Parliament
  11. Magistrates of the Lower Court
  12. Attorney General
  13. Commander of the Armed Forces of Malta (Brig. Martin Xuereb)
  14. Mayors, in their jurisdiction
  15. Local Councillors, in their jurisdiction
  16. Ambassadors, in order of establishment of diplomatic relations with their countries