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Malthe Engelsted in 1876, by the photographer N.E. Sinding.
Afternoon Frolic

Malthe Odin Engelsted (born Malta Odin on 8 August 1852 in Nivågård, Sjælland - 21 December 1930 in Faxe Ladeplads) was a Danish M.A. and painter. The psychological approach is the main strength of Engelsted’s artistic activity, giving his work a special value, whether it appears with a fine sense of humor or deep feeling. He is buried at Fakse Cemetery.


After graduating in 1870, having studied theology for 3 years, he attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts as an etching student from 1873-1879, first exhibiting his works at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition in 1880.[1] He was awarded the Neuhausenske Prize in 1883. With his own resources and partially with the Academy scholarship fund, he made in 1881, 1883 and again between 1887-1889, study tours in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Greece.[2]


With much humor he portrayed an old couple in Domino Players (1881) and characterized the old cavaliers in his L’hombre (1887). Engelsted’s work has a deep and serious feeling, as shown in Sara awakens Isaac for his departure to Mount Moriah (1884), and in the small, but so significant painting of Christ and Nicodemus (1887). The spiritual message of his work is supported by a proper plan and a solid technique. Color is consistent with the subject, as seen in Bright and Smiling at the Ladies Drinking with Uncle (1885), and even in the excellent Painter in his Studio (1887), as well as in other serious biblical images.


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