Malvathu River

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Malvathu River
Malwatu River in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka.jpg
Malwathu River, near Anuradhapura
Malvathu River is located in Sri Lanka
Malvathu River
Native name මල්වතු ඔය (Malvathu Oya)
அருவி ஆறு (Aruvi Aru)
Country Sri Lanka
Physical characteristics
Main source North Central Province
River mouth Palk Strait
Mannar, Northern Province
08°48′08″N 79°55′40″E / 8.80222°N 79.92778°E / 8.80222; 79.92778Coordinates: 08°48′08″N 79°55′40″E / 8.80222°N 79.92778°E / 8.80222; 79.92778
Length 164 km (102 mi)

The Malvathu River (Sinhalese: මල්වතු ඔය Malvathu Oya, Tamil: அருவி ஆறு Aruvi Aru) is a 164 km (102 mi) long river in Sri Lanka, connecting the city of Anuradhapura, which was the capital of the country for over 15 centuries, to the coast of Mannar. It currently ranks as the second longest river in the country, with a great historic significance. The northern part of the river, and sometimes the whole river, was once been known as Aruvi Aru.

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