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Grape (Vitis)
Malverina grape
Color of berry skin Green to Reddish
Species Officially Vitis vinifera but also has other species in its pedigree
Origin Moravia, Czechoslovakia
Original pedigree (Villard Blanc × Roter Veltliner) × (Merlot x Seibel 13666)
Notable regions Moravia
Breeder Milos Michlovsky, Frantisek Madl, Vilem Kraus and Lubomir Glos
Breeding institute Vinselekt Perna, Mendel University in Brno Faculty of Horticulture

Malverina is a grape variety used for making white wine. It was created in former Czechoslovakia by a group called Vine Research Centre Resistant.[1] Malverina is a result of an inter-specific breeding "Rakish" (Villard Blanc × Roter Veltliner) × "Merlan" (Merlot x Seibel 13666). It exhibits high resistance against both powdery and downy mildew, thus it is suitable for producing wines in limited-spray vineyards. Grapes ripen in mid-October. It is grown in Moravia. High quality wines aged in bottles are full-bodied with distinctive cinnamon aroma and with long persistence.


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