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Malvern Collegiate Institute

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Malvern Collegiate Institute
Malvern Collegiate.JPG
Victrix Sapientia Fortunae
Wisdom Conquers Fortune
55 Malvern Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M4E 3E4
Coordinates 43°40′58″N 79°17′34″W / 43.68284°N 79.292901°W / 43.68284; -79.292901Coordinates: 43°40′58″N 79°17′34″W / 43.68284°N 79.292901°W / 43.68284; -79.292901
School type High school
Founded 1903
School board Toronto District School Board
Superintendent Anne Kerr
Area trustee Sheila Cary-Meagher
School number 5530
Principal Diane Sharpe
Vice Principals Fermer Santos, Kim Woods
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 945 (Spring, 2006)
Language English, French
Area Main Street and Kingston Road
Colour(s) Red and Black         
Team name Black Knights

Malvern Collegiate Institute is a Toronto high school that was founded in 1903 as "East Toronto High School", in what was then the village of East Toronto. When the village was annexed by Toronto in 1908, the name of the street the school was located on was changed from Charles Street to Malvern Avenue (as Toronto already had a Charles Street), and the name of the institution was changed shortly thereafter.

The statue that stands on the east side of the school on Malvern Avenue just outside of the library was built in 1922 in honour of the students that had attended Malvern C.I. and died in World War I.

Malvern Collegiate is located in an upper-middle-class neighbourhood known as The Beaches. Notable alumni include Glenn Gould, Robert Fulford, and Don Getty who were all at the school at the same time in the 1950s. Norman Jewison, Bruce Kidd, Teresa Stratas and Jack Kent Cooke also attended the school.

Malvern celebrated its centennial in 2003. In 2006, Toronto Life magazine stated that Malvern CI had the best English program in Toronto, a notable change from the 1980s, when the same magazine rated Malvern's English department as being in the bottom five of all Toronto collegiates. The school's mascot is the Black Knight, and the school colours are red and black.

Coincidentally, there is also a Toronto neighbourhood called Malvern, but the school and the neighbourhood share no connection. The Malvern neighbourhood is located approximately 16 km (9.9 mi) northeast of Malvern Collegiate.

Malvern won the 2009 Anne Hope Award for its contributions in promoting human rights and equity education.[1]

In November, 2011, a ceremony rededicating the statue located on the east side of the school was held, a week before Remembrance Day of that year to commemorate the repairs done to the arm. Less than 48 hours later, the statue was vandalized.[2]

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