Malvern Hills Conservators

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Malvern Hills Conservators
The Malvern Hills Conservators offices
Founded 1884 (1884)
Type Registered charity
Area served
The Malvern Hills
Mission The care and management of the Malvern Hills and Commons.

The Malvern Hills Conservators are a body corporate responsible for the care and management of the Malvern Hills and Commons. They were established in 1884 and are governed by five Acts of Parliament, the Malvern Hills Acts 1884, 1909, 1924, 1930 and 1995.[1][2][3] They became a registered charity in 1984.[4]


The Conservators are a voluntary body of twenty-nine members. Eleven are directly elected under the Local Elections (Principal areas) Rules by the residents of the wards who contribute to the Conservators' funds through a levy in their Council Tax, seventeen are appointed by local authorities and one by the Church Commissioners.[1][5]

Statutory duties[edit]

Under Acts of Parliament the Malvern Hills Conservators have the following statutory duties placed upon them:

  • To prevent encroachment
  • To keep the Hills and Commons as open space for recreation
  • To conserve the Hills and Commons
  • To protect the rights of commoners to graze their livestock on the land.[1]

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