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Malvern Instruments Limited
Private Limited Company
Industry Instrumentation
Founded Malvern, Worcestershire, United Kingdom 1971; 46 years ago (1971)
Headquarters Malvern, Worcestershire, United Kingdom
Key people
Paul Walker, Managing Director CEO and president
Revenue US$93,380,000 (2010)
Number of employees
Parent Spectris
Footnotes / references

Malvern Instruments is a Spectris plc company.[5] Founded in the late 1960s,[4] the company is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory analytical instruments,[6][7] was influential in the development of the Malvern Correlator,[8] and remains notable for its work in the advancement of particle sizing technology.[9] The company produces technology for materials analysis;[10] principally instruments designed to measure the size, shape and charge of particles. Additional areas of development now include equipment for rheology measurements,[2][11] chemical imaging[12] and chromatography.[13]

Business model[edit]

Malvern Instruments began with a focus on particle sizing.[4] As it grew, this focus changed toward developing a "broad portfolio of analytical solutions".[4] In 2014, the company's CTO expressed the company's focus as "We want to solve analytical bottlenecks".[4]

In order to maintain agility and currency in product development, the company built an isolated internal division, the Bioscience Development Initiative based in Columbia, Maryland, which has an entrepreneurial character and freedom from corporate management constraints; the unit aims to rapidly develop technologies in partnership with scientists and engineers from the pharmaceutical and other industries and academia.[4] This unit focuses on the biopharmaceutical sector, specifically formulation of drug products.[4]


As part of the materials analysis sector, Malvern Instruments derives most of its revenue through sales of a range of particle and material characterisation instruments.[3] These systems have applications across many industries including: pharmaceuticals, life sciences, metallurgy, mining, semiconductors, polymer science, protein science and food production.[6][14][15]

Corporate governance[edit]

The company's managing director is Paul Walker. As of 2014, the chief technology officer (CTO) was E. Neil Lewis.[4]


Organizational development[edit]

  • 2014: acquisition of MicroCal Instruments from GE Lifesciences, A Northampton MA, USA Based manufacturer of Thermodynamic analysis instruments
  • 2013: acquisition of NanoSight, a Wiltshire-based manufacturer of nanoparticle characterization instruments[4]
  • 2010: acquisition of Reologica Instruments AB, a Lund-based manufacturer of rheology and viscometry instrumentation[2]
  • 2008: acquisition of Viscotek Corp, manufacturer of chromatographic and laboratory equipment and supplies[9]
  • 2006: acquisition of Spectral Dimensions Inc, a manufacturer of infrared chemical imaging instruments[10]
  • 2003: acquisition of Bohlin Instruments Ltd, a Gloucestershire-based manufacturer of rheology and viscosity instruments[38]
  • 2001: holding company changes its name to Spectris plc[3]
  • 1997: acquisition of Insitec Inc from Burnfield PLC[41]
  • 1997: acquired by the Fairey Aviation Company
  • 1996: acquisition of A3 GmbH, Stuttgart based specialist in the design, manufacture and marketing of air and liquid particle counters[42]
  • 1992: Burnfield acquired Malvern Instruments from Cray Electronics Holdings[43]
  • 1971: incorporated as ‘Malvern Instruments Ltd.’[13]

Innovations and awards[edit]

In 1977, Malvern Instruments was recognised by the Royal Academy of Engineering, jointly with the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment (RSRE), for developing the Malvern Correlator.[5][44] More recently, the 2010 list of winners of the annual Queen's Awards for Enterprise includes Malvern Instruments, in celebration of an instrument that measures particles in fluids.[1][45]

2010: Queen’s Award for Innovation[46]

2006: Queen’s Award for International Trade[46]

1988: Queen’s Award for Export & Technology[47]

1981: Queen’s Award for Export Achievement[47]

1977: Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement[47]

1977: MacRobert Award for Outstanding Technical Innovation[5]


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