Mama's Gone A-Hunting

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Mama's Gone A-Hunting
Directed by Peter Maxwell
Produced by Robert Bruning
Written by Bruce A. Wishart
Starring Gerard Kennedy
Vince Martin
Judy Morris
Carmen Duncan
Gemini Productions
Distributed by Network 7
Release dates
Running time
96 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

Mama's Gone A-Hunting is a 1977 Australian TV movie.[1] The title is taken from a nursery rhyme, called Bye Baby Huntin. A phychiatric prison escapee and his partner, decide to kidnap a wealthy family's baby at a hotel and told it for ransom, however little do they know that a lady is minding the baby and that the babysitter wants to keep the baby for herself. The film featured many well known Australian actors of the period, including Carmen Duncan, and starred Judy Morris


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