Mama Jack

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Mama Jack
Mama Jack Cover.jpg
Mama Jack DVD Cover
Directed by Gray Hofmeyr
Produced by Anant Singh
Helena Spring
Written by Leon Schuster
Gray Hofmeyr
Paul Slabolepszy
Geoff Newton
Starring Leon Schuster
Mary-Ann Barlow
Alfred Ntombela
Jerry Mofokeng
Lionel Newton
Shaleen Surtie-Richards
Music by Didi Kriel
Distributed by Videovision Entertainment
Distant Horizon
Release date
  • 2005 (2005)
Running time
104 minutes
Country South Africa
Language South African English

Mama Jack is a 2005 Leon Schuster movie made in South Africa. It was directed by Gray Hofmeyr and distributed by Nu Metro.

Tagline: He's hiding out... in someone else! or alternatively He's back... in black!


Set in Cape Town, South Africa Mama Jack is the story of Jack Theron, an ordinary person working on a film set as a grip. However, his movie producer boss, John Daragon, hates him and wants to remove him from the production of the movie they are producing about Nelson Mandela, Sweet Bird of Freedom. In a bid to get rid of Jack, the producer spikes his drink with a fictitious drug, Mama Africa at a glamorous function, and before long Jack has unwittingly offended all the attending dignitaries, ruined the function and got himself on the wrong side of the law while hallucinating.

While on the run, Jack turns to his friend and house mate, Shorty, who is a make-up artist who turns him into "Mama Bolo". Mama Bolo soon finds “herself” employed by the producer’s fiancée, Angela, and begins to fall in love with her. A series of deceptions and misunderstandings pile up and comic mayhem ensues with Jack Theron becoming another character, Doctor Donald, a tramp from Scotland.

The movie ends with Mama Bolo being found out by her dress being torn off her when Stanley stands on the long, green train of her dress. John admits to drugging Jack and is arrested and put in prison, although we see him escaping through a manhole cover in the road at the end of the film.


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