Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies

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Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 52
Running time 11 (USA);
10 minutes (Canada)
Production company(s) King Rollo Films
Original network CBeebies
Picture format 720x576 16:9
Original release 2007 – present

Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies is a 2007 animated television series. Set in the African savanna, it focuses on an enthusiastic elephant named Mama Mirabelle, who travels around the world to film real wildlife footage and project them onto a screen of fireflies in front of almost the entire animal kingdom. The "Home Movies" are used for educational purposes not only for the principal young characters, but for the target audience at home. It is animated using the same computer software as Peppa Pig. The live action footage comes from the BBC Natural History Unit archives, as well as the National Geographic Society, and is also shown in the United States on PBS. In the American version all of the animals except Karla have American voices. Vanessa Williams is the voice of Mama Mirabelle in the US, and Floella Benjamin is the voice for the UK Mama Mirabelle. The series is produced by UK animation company King Rollo Films, whose other shows include Paz, Maisy, and Mr. Benn. Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies season 1 runs as 52 11-minute shows on CBeebies, but the show is running on PBS Kids as of 2008 in a thirty-minute slot by combining two ten-minute shows with extra songs, features, and games. Music for this show is written by Lester Barnes, the composer for Horrid Henry, Me Too!, Paz, and Urmel.) The series was created by Douglas Wood, who is also the author of the companion children's picture book, When Mama Mirabelle Comes Home, published by National Geographic Channel Book.


  • Mama Mirabelle the elephant aged 35 years old; she wears a beautiful hat in orange and blue. Voiced by Vanessa Williams.
  • Max the elephant aged 5 years old, voiced by Phillipa Alexander. Max is Mama Mirabelle's son.
  • Karla the zebra aged 9 years old, voiced by Teresa Gallagher.
  • Bo the cheetah aged 10 years old, voiced by Jules de Jongh.


  1. Elephant Walk / Sounds Of The Savanna
  2. A Little Help From My Friends / Baby Of A Different Stripe
  3. Hide-And-Seek / Tell Me About It
  4. To Sleep With Wombats / All Creatures Great And Small
  5. Anybody Home? / Healthy Habits
  6. Play's The Thing / Sam Spades Of The Savannah
  7. Gourmet Grazing / Kings And Queens Of The Savannah
  8. I Spy / Eyes, Ears, Noses, Trunks
  9. The Boy Can Blow / I Don't Like Spiders And Snakes
  10. What's In A Tail? / Foot Prints In The Sand
  11. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow / Nobody's Perfect
  12. Things That Go Yip, Howl, And Screech In The Night / Cracking The Code
  13. A Savannah Kwanzaa / You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
  14. Change Is Gonna Come / Trumpet While You Work
  15. Spot The Difference / Hot And Cold Running Critters
  16. Why Zebras Can't Fly / Super Duper Savannah Animals
  17. Come Out Of Your Shell / Travels With Mama
  18. Tails Of The Galapagos / Happy Habitats
  19. Savanna Lullaby / It Gives You Paws
  20. Out Of Reach / Family Style
  21. Curtain Up! / Listen Up!
  22. Rainy Day Blues / Take Me To The Water
  23. Find Your Way Home / The Nose Knows
  24. Jumbled Jungle / Alone Together
  25. Muddy Wonderland / Do You See What I See?
  26. Have You Heard? / This Is Mama's World

Television Airing[edit]

Mama Mirrabelle's Home Movies aired in 2007.

Country / Region Channel Title
 Singapore Kids Central/okto Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies
 United Kingdom CBeebies
 Australia ABC1/ABC2
 United States PBS Kids / Sprout
Latin America National Geographic Channel (on the Nat Geo & Yo block) Mama Mirabelle
 Brazil TV Brasil / National Geographic Channel (on the Nat Geo & Eu block)
 Portugal Canal Panda / RTP1 / RTP2 Mãe Mirabelle
 Spain Boomerang (Spain) Mamá Mirabelle
 Poland MiniMini Opowieści Mamy Mirabelle
 Czech Republic ČT1 Mirabelino domácí kino
 Hungary Duna TV Mirabella Mama házimozija
 Japan Disney Channel Disney Junior ママ・ミラベルのムービータイム
 Hong Kong aTV World 媽媽貝拉補習班
 Turkey Cartoon Network (Turkey) Mama Mirabel
 Finland MTV3 Juniori Mamma Mirabellen eläinystävät
 Sweden SVTB Mamma Mirabelle
 Norway NRK1 Mamma Mirabelle viser film
 Denmark TV2 Mama Mirabelle
 Germany KI.KA Mama Mirabelle's Tierkino
 France Tiji / Gulli Mama Mirabelle
 Italy Rai Due / Disney Junior (Italy) Mamma Mirabelle
 Russia Carousel Мама Мирабелла

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