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Tomb of Mamaidev
Tomb of Mamaidev located at Makli, Pakistan.
Tomb of Mamaidev located at Makli, Pakistan.

The Mamaidev was a philosopher born in India in the 12th century. He was the son of Mataidev, who was the son of Lurangdev, who was the son of Dhani Matang Dev. He preached religion to the Maheshwari meghwar community of Saurashtra, Kutch of Gujarat and Sindh, Pakistan. During his preaching he spoke of past events and made prophecies regarding the future.[1] He also preached to the poor Sinbhariya Meghwar for Dharma. He described and formulated ancient Barmati Panth. His tomb is located in Makali Graveyard in the Tattha district of Sindh in India.[2]

Mamaidev Vedas[edit]

Mamaidev Vedas (verses) addresses the past, present and future of the world in relation to the four Yuga cycle.

Verses on origin of the universe[edit]

Mamaidev talked about the theory of the origin of the universe in his Vedas, when God disintegrated himself to create the universe. He said that the creation of the universe was not a process of creation but rather the process of disintegration by God:

Mamaidev composed the following verse of scripture, shown in Gujarati: Ved' (Gujarati language):[3]

અઉંકારે અલખ નીરંજન સાદ નઈ, સબદ નઈ,
અઉંકાર નઈ, જલ નઈ, થલ નઈ, ધરતી નઈ,
આકાશ નઈ, મેર નઈ, કવરાશ નઈ, ચંદા નઈ,
સુરજ નઈ, પવન નઈ,પાની નઈ, નઈ તસકી માત,
નઈ તસકા પિતા, નઈ જીવન, નઈ મરણ,
નઈ અલખદેવ,છત્રી યુગ ચોરાસી ચોક્ડી વઈ ગયા તઈએ,
એક પવનરુપી ગોટા બનાયા, તેજ રતીમાંય ઠેરાયા, તઈએ
આપ અલખ નપાઈ તે કાયા, કાયા થકી નપાઈ માયા,
તઈએ અલખદેવ અઉંકાર કીયા, અઉંકાર થી પ્રકાશ હુઆ,
પ્રકાશથી નાભી હુઆ, નાભીથી કમલ હુઆ, કમલથી ઓધ
બોધ હુઆ,અઉંકારે અલખ હુઆ, સઉંકારે સગતી,
આડ ઓપતજી પેલી કેણી, સોજ વરમા શારદામાતા જી ગેણી

Which, translated to English means:[4]

There was no sound of God, no words, no water,
no land, no earth, no space, no positive, no negative,
no moon, no sun, no one was the mother, no one was the father,
no life, no death, no God himself in figure,
36 yuga, 84 chokdi passed, then there God generated
a sphere looking like an air bubble from the fastest and smallest particle,
when the sphere stabilized there was God himself,
with the generated area reflecting the matrix of God
God spoke, his speaking generated light, the light generated a center (of mass),
the center generated a lotus (galaxy), the lotus generated the sun and the moon,
Lord came into form, this was the first deed of the Lord
as Creator with his consort Sharda (energy)
for creation of the planetary system"

Verse on Age of Satya Yuga[edit]


Yug karta maas faganvo padav ne osis mali,
Devtaye jang racheyo sos varateya sanatris”


Satya Yuga was 3700 years old,
Which was finished on padav in falgun month"

Verse on Age of Treta Yuga[edit]


Yug tetra maas vaishakha varas adhlakha varateya,
Atak ugamte dan por chadante maut tanu vasmu,
Teni lanka kot me yoddho rawan mo”


Treta Yuga was 50000 years old.
Which was finished in vaishakha month when warrior Rawan was killed"

Verse on Age of Dwapara Yuga[edit]


Yug duwa maas chaitra vo ken je much me hui ekadashi,
Pandh padeyo kurukshetra me dev mamai che sos varateya chorasi”


Dwapara Yuga was 8400 years old
Which was finished on ekadashi of chaitra month,
when kurukshetra war was over"

Verse on Age of Kali Yuga[edit]


Samvat oganiso vane saik ootra par nu udse,
Kalyug ji sang maas bhadrwo that trij teni tutse errbandh”


Kali Yuga will be completed in Saka calendar 1997 = 2076 AD (Total is of 5178 years),
Which will be finished on trij of bhadra month,
when a comet will run on the north side and the errband (time between two yuga) will break"[9]

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