Mamani Keïta

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Mamani Keïta
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Background information
Occupation(s) Singer
Labels No Format!, Universal Jazz

Assitan Keïta, popularly known as Mamani Keïta (Bamako, 20 October 1965) is a singer and musician from Mali.[1] "Mamani" literally means "grandmother".

She was raised speaking Bambara, and was a backup singer for Salif Keïta.[2] She is best known in English speaking countries for her album with Marc Minelli, Electro Bamako. She is credited on four tracks of the soundtrack album of the French animated film Kirikou et les bêtes sauvages (2005).[3] Mamani Keita released her second album entitled Yéléma[4] in 2006 and Gagner l'Argent Français in 2011. Both albums were produced and composed by French multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Repac.[5]


  • Electro Bamako (2002, Universal Jazz)
  • Yelema (2006, No Format!)
  • Gagner l'Argent Français (2011, No Format!)
  • Kanou (2014, World Village)


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