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Mamas Gun
OriginLondon, England
GenresPop, Soul, Funk, Rock
Years active2008–present
LabelsCandelion, Avex, Sail Music, Love Da
Associated actsBeverley Knight, Park Hyo-shin, Lisa Stansfield, Corinne Bailey Rae, Young Gun Silver Fox, Cinema Prague
MembersAndy Platts
Cameron Dawson
David Oliver
Terry Lewis
Chris Boot
Jack Pollitt (2007 – 2015)
Rex Horan (2007 – 2012)

Mamas Gun is a five-piece London based band whose fourth album, Golden Days, was released in 2018 on their independent label Candelion. Their first album Routes to Riches successfully broke them in Japan where they became the most played international artist on Japanese radio in 2009. They have since toured and performed all over the world, particularly broadening their profile in South East Asia in places such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore. They have supported Level 42, Beverley Knight, Raphael Saadiq and Ben l'Oncle Soul. Since the release of Routes to Riches, they have released three more albums, The Life and Soul (2011), Cheap Hotel (2014) and “Golden Days” (2018).

The band is named after Erykah Badu album Mama's Gun.[1]



The band was formed by Andy 'AP' Platts, the lead singer/composer/producer in 2007 and was joined by bassist 'Professor' Rex Horan, keyboardist Dave 'Eighties' Oliver, Terry 'Spiller' Lewis and drummer 'Union' Jack Pollitt after placing an ad on seeking musicians.

Born in a military hospital in Kowloon, Hong Kong, to a nomadic father who had landed in the Far East as a police recruit in their battles with underground triad organisations, Platts soaked up the musical ether that surrounded him (which included the Beatles, the Doors and ELO from his father, and a Filipino mother who played Spanish-influenced guitar), attending countless schools in the process before winning a place at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Subsequently, Platts played on Corinne Bailey Rae's debut album and then, in 2006, landed his own publishing deal with Zomba Music. This led to collaborations with a song-writing list that included Rod Temperton, John Oates, Jed Leiber (son of Jerry Leiber) and former Gil Scott-Heron collaborator, Brian Jackson, before founding Mamas Gun in 2007.[2]

In addition to their activities with Mamas Gun, the band members continue to work in various other capacities ranging from songwriting to studio sessions and touring work. Since 2011, Platts has enjoyed further chart success in South East Asia penning number 1 hits “Shine Your Light” for Korean singer Park Hyo Shin, “Falling” for Korean singer John Park and “Your Step’ for singer Tomohisa Yamashita's Japanese number 1 album You. More recently, Platts has enjoyed success writing the lead single "Do It All Again" from Dutch soul singer Steffen Morrisson's EP Just Another Man. Since 2015 he has also been an active member of Young Gun Silver Fox alongside Shawn Lee.[3][4] Keyboard player David ‘Eighties’ Oliver is currently the musical director for Lisa Stansfield, working both in the studio and on the road. Terry ‘Spiller’ Lewis, who also plays guitar for Lisa Stansfield on the road, has played for US songwriter / artist Leon Ware, Lewis Taylor, The Impressions, The Valentine Brothers and Jamie Woon.


UK releases[edit]

Mamas Gun first single, "Pots of Gold", was released in August 2008 on Candelion Records and was playlisted on BBC Radio 2 with Chris Evans championing the track. Following its success, Mamas Gun recorded their debut album and released their next playlisted single "Let's Find A Way" in June 2009. In September 2009, Mamas Gun released their third single "You Are The Music" and their debut album Routes To Riches followed in October 2009. The album was co-produced by producer/engineer, Julian Simmons, at his private studio Din in East London, mixed by Producer/Engineer Jack Joseph Puig at Ocean Way, Los Angeles and mastered by Bob Ludwig. In February 2010 Mamas Gun released double A-side "Finger On It" / "Wishing" from the same album, which was playlisted on BBC Radio 2, Jazz Fm and Smooth Radio. In June 2011 Mamas Gun released The Life And Soul produced by Martin Terefe and Andreas Olsson recorded at Kensal Town Studios in West London. It yielded the singles "On A String", "Reconnection" and "Only One" (featuring Beverley Knight). In 2014, followed Cheap Hotel. Featuring a much more collaborative approach and also the first record to feature new bassist Cameron Dawson after the departure of Rex Horan, it spawned the singles "Red Cassette" - playlisted and played on UK, German and Japanese radio, "Hello Goodnight" and lastly "Cheap Hotel". The album charted at number 29 in the Independent UK album chart. The band released the Room Service EP via a Pledge exclusive.

Most recently the Mamas Gun have released their fourth album Golden Days. This is the first of their albums to be entirely recorded and produced by the band.

Japan releases[edit]

Routes To Riches, released in November 2009, achieved a number 3 sales position on the Japanese Billboard charts. The lead single from this album, "House on a Hill", was a number 2 hit on the Japanese Hot 100 singles chart and the most played song on Japanese radio in 2009. First single "Red Cassette" from the third album received radio play in Japan but failed to emulate past successes after peaking at number 67 on the Japanese chart.[5]

Korea Releases: Tour Edition[edit]

Other Side of Mamas Gun featuring demos, unreleased tracks and live versions was issued in December 2011 by the band's South Korean label Sail Music to coincide with their Asian tour.

01.Kill The DJ (Delrosario Remix)
02.Baby I Love You
03.Yesterday's News
05.House On A Hill (Demo Version)
06.You Are The Music (Radio Edit)
07.Let's Find A Way (Mitsu the Beats Remix)
08. The Art (BBC Cambs)
09.Pots Of Gold (Feat. Tete - French Version)
10.Reconnection (Acoustic)*
11.Inferno (Acoustic)*
12.Only One (Feat. Beverley Knight – Video)

  • Recordings from 3FM Radio Show in the Netherlands



Year Album details
2009 Routes to Riches
  • Released: 28 September 2009
  • Deluxe Edition Released: 1 March 2010
  • Label: Candelion
  • Formats: CD, Deluxe CD, Digital download
2011 The Life And Soul


2014 Cheap Hotel
2016 Room Service EP
2018 Golden Days


Year Single Album
2008 "Pots of Gold" Routes to Riches
2009 "Let's Find a Way"
"You Are the Music"
2010 "Finger On It"/
Routes to Riches: Deluxe Edition
2012 "Only One" - feat. Beverley Knight
The Life and Soul
2014 "Red Cassette" Cheap Hotel
"Hello Goodnight"
"Cheap Hotel"
2018 "London Girls" Golden Days
"You Make My Life A Better Place"
"On The Wire"


  • "You Are the Music" (2009)
  • "Let's Find a Way" (unofficial video) (2010)
  • "Finger On It" (2010)
  • "Pots of Gold" (2010)
  • "On a String" (2011)
  • "Reconnection" (2011)
  • "Only One" (live) ft. Beverley Knight (2011)
  • "Cheap Hotel" (2014)
  • "Joy Rides" (2014)
  • "Hello Goodnight" (2014)
  • "Cheap Hotel" (2014)
  • "London Girls" (2018)
  • "I Need A Win" (2018)
  • "On The Wire" (2018)

Critical reception[edit]

Mamas Gun have received almost universal good reviews in the press. Uncut gave Routes to Riches four stars, saying "[It's a] masterclass in blue-eyed bubblegum soul, as heart-warmingly catchy as anything from Stevie Wonder's '70s purple patch". The Guardian said the band perform "gorgeous, melting soft rock” and “redolent of Young Disciples' long-lost 90s Brit-soul classic Apparently Nothin'". They were also featured in The Times 'Why you must hear' feature.

Their third album, Cheap Hotel, received very positive reviews. The Independent called it "a retro delight" and Soul Tracks called it "a unique blend that is both inviting and, at times irresistible".

Their 4th album, Golden Days, was also very well received: "This is the sound of the summer, without question." - Sunday Express "Mamas Gun have got something original going on, allowing their music to transcend any accusations of retro pastiche" - MOJO "Polished and perfect. Golden indeed." **** The Yorkshire Times


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