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Due to technical limitations, "Mambo #5" directs here. For the song, see Mambo No. 5.
Not to be confused with the mamba snake.

Mambo most often refers to:

Mambo may also refer to:


  • Mambo (music)
  • Mambo section, a section in arrangements of some types of Afro-Caribbean music, particularly danzón; the musical form of the same name developed from this section



Film and television[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Mambo (Vodou), a Haitian Vodou priestess
  • Mambo (software), an open source content management system
  • MAMbo, a nickname for the Bologna Museum of Modern Art in Bologna, Italy
  • Mambo Graphics, the company behind the Australian surf clothing brand Mambo
  • Tecma Mambo, a French hang glider design
  • Mambo, a swahili word meaning 'words' especially used to mean 'story'.
  • Mambo, a swahili slang for a greeting especially used in Kenya, Uganda and DRC