Mambwe-Lungu language

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Native to Tanzania, Zambia
Ethnicity Mambwe, Lungu, Fipa
Native speakers
500,000  (2002 & 2010 censuses)[1]
Mambwe (Ichimambwe)
Cilungu/Lungu (Ichirungu, Adong)
Fipa-Mambwe (Kifipa cha kimambwe)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 mgr
Glottolog mamb1296[2]

The Mambwe and Lungu peoples living at the southern end of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania and Zambia speak a common language with minor dialectical differences. Perhaps half of the Fipa people to their north speak it as a native language. When spoken by the Fipa, it is called "Fipa-Mambwe"; this is also the term for the branch of Bantu languages which includes Fipa and Mambwe-Lungu.


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