Mami (given name)

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Pronunciation Má-mí
Gender Female
Word/name Japanese
Meaning It can have many different meanings depending on the kanji used.
Region of origin Japan
Other names
Related names Mamiko

Mami (まみ, マミ) is a feminine Japanese given name.

Possible writings[edit]

Mami can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:

  • 真美, "true, beauty"
  • 真実, "truth"
  • 茉美, "jasmine, beauty"
  • 麻実, "hemp, truth"
  • 麻美, "hemp, beauty"
  • 茉海, "jasmine, sea"
  • 舞美, "dance, beauty"
  • 待実, "wait, truth"
  • 待満, "wait, satisfy"
  • 増実, "increase, truth"
  • 麻弥, "hemp, complete"

The name can also be written in hiragana, まみ or katakana, マミ.


  • Mami Ayukawa (鮎川 麻弥; born 1961), Japanese singer
  • Mami Deguchi (出口 茉美; born 1985), Japanese voice actress
  • Mami Higashiyama (東山 麻美; born 1977), Japanese actress and singer
  • Mami Horikoshi (堀越 真己; born 1960), Japanese voice actress
  • Mami Ishino (石野 真美; born 1983), Japanese hurdler
  • Mami Kataoka, Japanese art curator and writer
  • Mami Kawada (川田 まみ), J-pop singer from Sapporo, Japan
  • Mami Kingetsu (金月 真美; born 1965), Japanese voice actress
  • Mami Kosuge (小菅 真美; born 1974), Japanese voice actress
  • Mami Koyama (小山 茉美; born 1955), Japanese voice actress
  • Mami Kudo (born 1964), Japanese ultramarathon runner
  • Mami Kumagai (熊谷 真実; born 1960), Japanese actress
  • Mami Matsui (松井 摩味), Japanese voice actress
  • Mami Matsuyama (松山 まみ; born 1988), Japanese idol and cosplayer
  • Mami Naito (内藤 真実; born 1986), Japanese badminton player
  • Mami Nakamura (中村 麻美; born 1979), Japanese actress
  • Mami Nomura (野村 真美; born 1964), Japanese actress
  • Mami Sasazaki (笹崎まみ), Japanese lead guitarist of SCANDAL
  • Mami Sato, Japanese bassist of the American rock band, The Warlocks
  • Mami Shimamoto (嶋本 麻美; born 1987), Japanese weightlifter
  • Mami Shindo-Honma (進藤-本間 真美, born 1975), Japanese biathlete
  • Mami Yamaguchi (山口 麻美; born 1986), Japanese soccer player
  • Mami Yamasaki (山崎 真実; born 1985), Japanese gravure idol
  • Mami Yoshida (吉田 真未; born 1986), Japanese volleyball player

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