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Mamil[1] or MAMIL[2] (an acronym standing for "middle-aged man in lycra".[3]) is someone who rides an expensive racing bicycle[1] for leisure, wearing professional style body-hugging jerseys and shorts.[2]

The word was reportedly coined by British marketing research firm Mintel in 2010.[4] It gained further popularity in the United Kingdom with the success of Bradley Wiggins in the 2012 Tour de France and at the 2012 Summer Olympics,[4] held in London. The UCI World Championships victory in recent years have also spurred interest.[5]

In Australia the popularity of this sort of cycling has been associated with the Tour Down Under and the 2011 Tour de France winner Cadel Evans.[6] Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been described as a "mamil".[7]

Buying an expensive road bicycle has been described as a more healthy response to a midlife crisis than buying an expensive sports car.[8][9]


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