Mammad Araz

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Mammad Araz
Stamps of Azerbaijan, 2013-1119.jpg
Mammad Araz on Azerbaijani stamp
Born Mammad Ibrahimov
(1933-11-05)November 5, 1933
Nursu, Nakhchivan, Azerbaijani SSR, USSR
Died December 1, 2004(2004-12-01) (aged 71)
Baku, Azerbaijan
Occupation Poet
Language Azerbaijani
Ethnicity Azerbaijani
Genre Poetry
Notable works
  • If There Were No War
  • The World is Yours, The World is Mine

Mammad Araz (Azerbaijani: Məmməd Araz) (14 October 1933 in Nursu, Nakhchivan – 1 December 2004 in Baku, Azerbaijan), born Mammad Ibrahimov, was an Azerbaijani poet.

Early life[edit]

In 1954, he graduated from Azerbaijan's Pedagogical Institute. Araz has also worked on the editorial offices of Maarif Publication House in Baku, Ulduz Magazine (1967–1970), Literature and Art newspaper (1970–1972) and Azerbaijan State Publication House (1972–1974). He has also worked long time as editor of "Nature of Azerbaijan" magazine since 1974.[1]


He is also the author of "The World is Yours, The World is Mine" (Dunya Sanin, Dunya Manim) poem, which was lyrics of very popular music hit in Azerbaijan in 90s.

Mammad Araz's manuscript - Baku 1992

Some of Araz's famous works include:

  • If There Were No War
  • The World is Yours, The World is Mine
  • The Sound Written on the Rocks
  • Father of Three Sons

His works published in English by Betty Blair such as:

If There Were No War (1956)

If there were no war,
We could construct a bridge between Earth and Mars
Melting weapons in an open-hearth furnace.
If there were no war,
The harvest of a thousand years could grow in one day.
Scientists could bring the moon and stars to Earth.


Araz has been recognized with the following awards: Honored Culture Worker of Azerbaijan (1978), Laureate of Republican State Award (1988) and "Istiglal" (Independence) Order.[2]