Mamostong Kangri

Coordinates: 35°08′27″N 77°34′39″E / 35.14083°N 77.57750°E / 35.14083; 77.57750
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Mamostong Kangri
Mamostong Kangri is located in Ladakh
Mamostong Kangri
Mamostong Kangri
Location in Ladakh
Mamostong Kangri is located in India
Mamostong Kangri
Mamostong Kangri
Mamostong Kangri (India)
Highest point
Elevation7,516 m (24,659 ft)[2]
Ranked 48th
Prominence1,803 m (5,915 ft)[2]
Coordinates35°08′27″N 77°34′39″E / 35.14083°N 77.57750°E / 35.14083; 77.57750[2]
LocationLadakh, India[1]
Parent rangeRimo Muztagh, Karakoram
First ascentSeptember 13, 1984 by an Indo-Japanese expedition
Mamostong Kangri
Traditional Chinese瑪莫斯通崗日峰

Mamostong Kangri or Mamostang Kangri, surveyed as K35, is the highest peak in the remote Rimo Muztagh, a subrange of the Karakoram range in Ladakh union territory of India. It is located about 30 km east-southeast of the snout of the Siachen Glacier. It is the 48th-highest independent peak in the world (using a 500m prominence cutoff).

The South Chong Kumdan, Kichik Kumdan (Thangman Kangri), Mamostong, and South Terong Glaciers all head on the slopes of Mamostong Kangri.

Mamostong Kangri has not seen a great deal of visitation due to its remote location and the unsettled political and military situation in the region. The first European exploration of the peak was in 1907 by Arthur Neve and D. G. Oliver. The first ascent was made in 1984 by an Indo-Japanese expedition, via the Northeast Ridge, after a complicated approach. The summit party comprised N. Yamada, K. Yoshida, R. Sharma, P. Das, and H. Chauhan.

The Himalayan Index lists four additional ascents of this peak; however, two of these listings may refer to the same climb.

Summary of ascents[edit]

Year Expedition Leader Route
1984 Indo -Japanese Col. B.S Sandhu Mamostong Glacier /M.Col/East Ridge
1988 Indian Army (Ladakh Scouts) [3] Anand Mohan Sethi Thangman Glacier/ East Ridge
1989 Indian Army M.P Yadav Mamostong Glacier /M.Col/East Ridge
1990 Border Security Force (BSF) S.C Negi Mamostong Glacier /M.Col/East Ridge
1992 Women's Pre Everest Bachendri Pal Mamostong Glacier /M.Col/East Ridge
1992 Indo- Austrian Expedition N. Ravi Kumar Mamostong Glacier /M.Col/East Ridge
2007 Indian Army Col. Ashok Abbey Thangman Glacier/ East Ridge
2007 Indo- French Chewang Motup Goba Mamostong Glacier /M.Col/East Ridge
2009 Indian Army ( EME) Maj. V.Ahlawat Mamostong Glacier /M.Col/East Ridge
2010 The Himalayan Club P.C. Sahoo Mamostong Glacier /M.Col/East Ridge

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