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Coordinates: 45°46′16″N 15°59′41″E / 45.77111°N 15.99472°E / 45.77111; 15.99472

Mamutica from north

Mamutica (English: Female mammoth) is the largest building (by volume) in Zagreb and Croatia, as well as one of the largest apartment blocks in Europe.[1]

This apartment complex was built in 1974[1] in Eastern Novi Zagreb, in the neighborhood of Travno. It is the Croatian version of the panelák or plattenbau. The building is about 240 m long, 70 m high and has 20 floors. There are 1,263 apartments in the building, home to about 5,000 people.[2]

Mamutica is also the name of a crime TV series broadcast by Croatian Radiotelevision since 2008 (two seasons as of 2010), focusing on police cases being solved in and around the building.[3][4]

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