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For similar albums, see Mana (disambiguation).
Maná Album.jpg
Studio album by Maná
Released 12 May 1987 (1987-05-12)
Recorded 1987 in Lagab, Mexico City, Mexico
Label PolyGram
(now Universal Music)
Producer Guillermo Gil
Associate Producer
Juan Carlos Alfonso
Maná chronology
Falta Amor
Sombrero Verde chronology
A Tiempo de Rock
Singles from Maná
  1. "Robot"
  2. "Mentirosa"
  3. "Queremos Paz"

Maná is the third overall album by the Latin American Mexican rock band currently known as Maná (formerly known as Sombrero Verde), and their first album published on the PolyGram label and performing as Maná. A new era began with the release of their self-titled debut album, which became an important part of a musical movement called “Rock en Tu Idioma” (Rock In Your Language). This helped open doors for music written in Spanish and proposed a novel alternative to a scene typically dominated by music in English. Despite achieving some success, this first recording as Maná did not satisfy the band and did not necessarily turn out so well due to the record company trying to change and adulterate the group's musical essence as well as its image. This is a recurring practice in the record industry. In spite of this, the band continued performing in alternative forums whenever Warner Music (WEA Latina) showed interest in their work and music.

Track list[edit]

# Title Time
1. Robot (Fher Olvera) 3:15
2. Mentirosa (Liar) (Fher Olvera, Alex González) 3:48
3. Bailando (Dancing) (Fher Olvera) 3:38
4. México (Fher Olvera) 2:51
5. Entré Por la Ventana (I Came In Through the Window) (Fher Olvera, Alex González) 3:25
6. Cayó Mi Nave (My Ship Has Fallen) (Fher Olvera) 4:12
7. Mueve Tus Caderas (Shake Your Hips) (Fher Olvera, Alex González) 3:55
8. En la Playa (At the Beach) (Fher Olvera) 3:48
9. Lentes de Sol (Sunglasses) (Fher Olvera) 3:18
10. Queremos Paz (We Want Peace) (Fher Olvera) 3:04


Year Title Info
1995 Maná: La Historia de Rock en Español First re-release
2001 Sólo Para Fanáticos With Pablo Milanés
Combinaciones Premiadas With Los Enanitos Verdes
2007 Crónicas: Maná Reissue
2010 Maná Latest re-release


  • Fernando Olvera – main vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonics, choir
  • Alex González – drums, percussion, choir
  • Juan Diego Calleros – bass
  • Ulises Calleros – electric guitar, choir

Additional Personnel[edit]

  • Diego Herrera – saxophone
  • Juan Carlos Toribio – keyboards / synthesizers
  • Guillermo Lopez and Carlos "Super Ratón" Garcia – trumpets
  • Beto Dominguez – percussion
  • Sergio Wibo – guitar solo in "Bailando"
  • Nando Hernández – synthesizer bass in "Robot"
  • Gabriela Aguirre and Sheila Ríos – chorus