Man, Woman, Wild

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Man, Woman, Wild
Man, Woman, Wild.jpg
GenreReality show
Survival skills
Created byMykel Hawke Pierce
Directed byMark Westcott
Doug McCallie
Presented byMykel Hawke
Ruth England
StarringMykel Hawke
Ruth England
Narrated byMykel Hawke
Ruth England
Composer(s)Devin Powers
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodesTwenty two
Executive producer(s)David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe, Doug McCallie, Bill Howard
Producer(s)Todd Cohen
Production location(s)Various
Editor(s)Dan Tivin
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)Renegade 83[1]
Original networkDiscovery Channel
Original releaseJuly 16, 2010 (2010-07-16) –
January 19, 2012 (2012-01-19)
Related showsDual Survival
Man vs. Wild
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Man, Woman, Wild was a cable television reality series which originally aired on the Discovery Channel from July 2010 to January 2012.[2] The show features former US Army Special Forces survival expert Mykel Hawke, and his television journalist wife, Ruth England, who have to survive for a half-week with limited supplies in wild and inhospitable locations around the world.[3][4]

The show focuses on Hawke teaching his wife various survival skills such as starting fire without the aid of modern implements like matches and lighters, locating and treating sources of water, and eating non-traditional forms of food such as insects and wild plants. An emergency crew remained on permanent stand-by during filming and was actually utilized during the first season, for example, when England was overcome by severe heat exhaustion and dehydration in a Mexican desert.[5]

Originally running for two seasons, Man, Woman, Wild's first episode aired on July 16, 2010, and its last episode aired on January 19, 2012. The survival series was not renewed for a third season, which was confirmed by Mykel Hawke via Facebook in January 2012.[6] About the closure, Hawke stated: "The show in it's [sic] current format was too hard on us and our family, so, we chose to stop".[6]

In 2014, the couple resurrected the format in the Travel Channel series Lost Survivors.

Season 1[edit]

  1. 2010-07-16, Amazon
  2. 2010-07-23, Botswana
  3. 2010-07-30, Louisiana
  4. 2010-08-13, Tasmania[7]
  5. 2010-08-20, Mexico
  6. 2010-08-27, Utah
  7. 2010-09-03, Motukitiu, Aitutaki, Cook Islands
  8. 2010-09-10, Alaska (Denali National Park)
  9. 2010-09-17, Tennessee (The Smoky Mountains)
  10. 2010-09-24, Dominica

Season 2[edit]

  1. 2011-09-02, Lost at Sea (near Bahamas)
  2. 2011-09-09, Louisiana Firestorm
  3. 2011-09-16, Amazon Jungle Maze
  4. 2011-09-23, Quicksand & Sinkholes (South Andros[8] in the Bahamas)
  5. 2011-09-23, Volcanic Destruction (Montserrat)
  6. 2011-09-30, Message in a Bottle (Pearl Islands,[9] Panama)
  7. 2011-10-07, High Desert Thirst (Anza-Borrego Desert State Park[10] in California)
  8. 2011-10-14, Bear Encounter (Blackfeet Nation[11] in Montana)
  9. 2011-12-29, Bear's Kitchen (Alaska)
  10. 2012-01-05, Newts and Roots (Kentucky)
  11. 2012-01-12, Croatian Cave Odyssey (Velebit caves and mountains, Croatia)
  12. 2012-01-19, Scottish Highlands Peril

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