Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War

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Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War (ISBN 978-0743436199, Baen Books, 2003) is a collection of four stories totalling about 140,000 words by Australian author Hal Colebatch set in Larry Niven's "Known Space" universe, as part of the Man-Kzin Wars series. Beginning with the devastating invasion of the peaceful planet Wunderland by the ferocious, tiger-like Kzin, they deal with the human attempts at resistance, the aftermath of eventual human victory and the slow growth of human-Kzin co-operation.


They introduce several characters important in Colebatch's later stories, including Nils Rykermann and Dimity Carmody. Other characters growing in importance are the young Kzin Vaemar-Riit, son of the previous Kzin Governor of Wunderland, Chuut-Riit, who becomes a leader of human-Kzin reconciliation, and who seeks to learn from human history how barbarian vigor can be combined with order and science, the battle-scarred Kzin veteran Rarrgh, and the female Kzin Karan.

Another story by Colebatch, "His Sergeant's Honor", written earlier and published in Man-Kzin Wars IX, actually falls chronologically between the second and third of these stories.