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Bottle of ManX Red

ManX Spirit is a clear spirit, 40% alcohol by volume which is distilled by Kella Distillers Ltd in a small distillery in Sulby, Isle of Man. It is produced by redistillation of existing Scottish whiskies, resulting in a clear and colourless product;[1] as of 2012 is the only distilled spirit produced on the Isle of Man.[2] As of 1997, the product sold 50,000 bottles per year, mostly on the Isle of Man and to the Far East.[3]

In 1997, a United Kingdom High Court case, brought by United Distillers and Allied Domecq, concluded that despite being based on whisky and tasting "like a good whisky", the redistillation process and lack of colour meant that the drink could not legally be sold in the United Kingdom while labeled as "whisky".[3][4]

ManX Spirit won 2 stars in the 2017 Great Taste Awards.[5] It also won a silver medal in the 2019 International Wine and Spirits Competition. [6]


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