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A man is an adult male human being. Man may also mean the entire human species, its individuals, and nearest extinct relatives. See also man (word) for the etymology.

Man or MAN may also refer to:





Other uses[edit]

  • Man (name)
  • The Man, derisive slang phrase for higher authority
  • Man or Nanman, ancient Chinese ethnic group
  • Man (Middle-earth), people in the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Man (journal) (1901–94), continued by The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute
  • Man (unit), an ancient Arabic and Persian unit of mass
  • Man Group plc, a British financial services company
  • "Man", a statue by Virgil Cantini
  • Standard romanization of the Manchu people
  • Ultraman, a Japanese television series often referred to as "Man"
  • The "man" command, used to retrieve a man page, a software documentation page on Unix and Unix-like operating systems
  • In neo-pagan Germanic mysticism, the alternative name of the Norse Algiz rune, where it is used as a purported life rune

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