Man About the House (film)

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Man About the House
"Man About the House" (1974 film).jpg
UK theatrical poster
Directed byJohn Robins
Written byJohnnie Mortimer
Brian Cooke
Based onMan About the House
by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke
Produced byRoy Skeggs
StarringRichard O'Sullivan
Paula Wilcox
Sally Thomsett
Yootha Joyce
Brian Murphy
CinematographyJames Allen
Edited byArchie Ludski
Music byChristopher Gunning
Distributed byEMI Films
Release date
22 December 1974
Running time
90 mins
CountryUnited Kingdom
Box office£90,000 (London area)[1]

Man About the House is a 1974 British comedy film, a spinoff of the sitcom of the same name, starring all of the main cast of the series. It was the last in a series of big screen adaptations of popular television comedies made by Hammer Films,[1] although a film of George & Mildred (featuring Yootha Joyce and Brian Murphy in the title roles) was made in 1980 by another studio.


The Ropers learn that Mr. Pluthero, an estate agent and developer, wants to buy their building. The room-mates circulate a petition to stop the development, which attracts the interest of MP Sir Edmund, who keeps a mistress in the building.



The film started shooting in March 1974 at Elstree Studios in London, finishing on 12 April.[2]


The film was a hit, taking £90,000 in London alone.[1]

The critics were less impressed, with David Parkinson writing in the Radio Times: "Great cast, shame about the script ... The material is thinner than a bedsit wall."[3]


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