Man Boobs

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Man Boobs
Studio album by
LabelFriggemall Industries
ProducerBob Kevoian, Tom Griswold, Dean Metcalf, Steve Allee
Bob & Tom chronology
Operation Radio
Man Boobs
Shut-Up Randy!

Man Boobs is a comedy album by The Bob & Tom Show, which was first released in November 2006. It is a triple disc CD which represents original material recorded during their syndicated, daily radio show and other studio numbers which had not been previously presented on air.

Track Listings[edit]

Disc One
1."Man Boobs"Rex Stetson and The Bob & Tom Band3:03
2."I Love Swearing"Daniel Tosh3:44
3."The Internet vs. Radio #1" 1:11
4."Chick McGee's Gym" 4:35
5."Shut Up, Randy!"Donnie Baker2:47
6."The Civil Engineer"Jeff Caldwell3:11
7."The Guy Who'd Rather Cook..."Wolfgang Puck1:06
8."Kiki le Cat"Heywood Banks1:38
9."Send in the Clowns"Tim Bedore5:53
10."Kristi's Dog" 3:08
11."The Devil Wears Kotex" 2:56
12."Vaginaise" 0:55
13."TV with Grandma"Ross Bennett2:42
14."Your Love is..."Paul and Storm2:55
15."Cell Phones" 3:50
16."Snacks on a Plane" 2:20
17."Internet Dating"Mr. Obvious7:16
18."Chuck's Cologne" 1:27
19."The Internet vs. Radio #2" 1:29
20."The Murder Scene"Tom Mabe3:10
21."Donnie's Mail Sack" 2:10
22."Mystery Girl"Henry Phillips2:28
23."Reality with the Stars" 1:24
24."Real Girls on Video Going..." 2:07
25."The Yankees"Doug Stanhope1:37
26."The Summer Vacation Video"Ernie Furglar3:27
27."Bob & Sid in the Bahamas" 5:00
Total length:1:17:16
Disc Two
1."Sex is the Best"The Whole Gang and The Bob & Tom Band2:07
2."The Internet vs. Radio #3" 1:41
3."Pregnant, etc...."Laurie Kilmartin2:27
4."You Suck"Becky & Bob Kevoian2:26
5."Mullet for Men"Donnie Baker3:34
6."Greatness vs. Importance"Scott Dunn3:16
7."Real or Not Real" 3:06
8."The Single Guy Store" 3:15
9."Cleminem"Tim Wilson2:35
10."The Bar Owner"Geechy Guy0:30
11."Sidekick" 3:18
12."Chick McGee 24/7" 2:31
13."BT Airlines" 2:29
14."More Than Two"Paul and Storm3:07
15."Glass Cleaner" 1:09
16."Mr. Floatie" 2:08
17."How Much Advice?"Tim Bedore5:51
18."Elephants on a Plane" 1:17
19."I Want to Kiss You"Maurice Chevalianus3:01
20."Adoption"John Rathbone2:10
21."Donnie Baker Calling" 3:21
22."The Haunted Spouse" 1:43
23."Halloween Fun"Sid & Bart4:39
24."The Presidential Invitation"Tom Mabe2:44
25."A Presidential Movement" 1:25
26."Evasive Cologne" 1:09
27."Presidential Toilets" 4:44
28."The Mall Santa Claus"Donnie Baker3:04
29."The Holiday Safety Video"Ernie Furglar3:15
Total length:1:17:52
Disc Three
A Day in the Life of the Bob & Tom Radio Show
featuring Mike Armstrong and Harland Williams
1."Goo Gone Canadians"4:44
2."Darth Vader / Hockey"6:32
3."Yoda, Yoda, Yoda"6:14
4."Getting Pulled Over"6:16
5."Cell Phones"5:41
6."Getting Recognized"3:56
7."L.A. Girlfriends"5:43
8."Mike Armstrong Donnie Baker Calls"5:20
9."The Guy Who Jumped Donnie Baker Calls Back"7:17
10."Indians and Submarines"5:59
11."Dolphins, Dogs and Tinting"5:11
12."The Weather"6:01
13."Dating and Dancing"4:08
Total length:1:12:58