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Man Kam To or Mankamto (traditional Chinese: 文錦渡; simplified Chinese: 文锦渡; pinyin: wén jǐn dù; Hong Kong Hakka: Vun2 Gim3 Tu4) is an area in the North District, New Territories, Hong Kong near the border with Shenzhen in mainland China.


Man Kam To is where one of the four road checkpoints between Hong Kong and mainland China is located. See also Man Kam To Control Point.

Closed Area[edit]

Access to Man Kam To is restricted as it is located in the Frontier Closed Area of the New Territories. For those who are not residents within the Closed Area, or are not crossing the border, a Closed Area Permit is required. Applications for a Closed Area Permit can be made online at the Hong Kong Police website. As of 4 January 2016, part of this area is excluded from the identity as a restricted area.

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Coordinates: 22°32′05″N 114°07′39″E / 22.5348°N 114.1275°E / 22.5348; 114.1275