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Man O Man (Mann-o-Mann) was a game show created in Germany, originally airing on Sat.1 from 1992 until 1995. Hosted by Peer Augustinski. The show was loosely in the format of a beauty pageant but with male contestants. An all-female audience voted for the winner via a series of elimination rounds. Losing contestants would be pushed into a swimming pool.


The male contestants would compete in a number of rounds where characteristics a woman may seek in a romantic partner - such as general knowledge, romantic aptitude, conversation skills and sense of humour - would be tested.

At the end of each round, members of the entirely female audience each voted for their favourite man using a remote control device and the least popular male would be eliminated from the competition by being pushed into the swimming pool that formed part of the show's set by one of the show's beautiful hostesses.

At the beginning of each episode, the ten male contestants would come out on the stage and introduce themselves to the audience, and from these first impressions the audience would eliminate the 3 least popular guys.

The 7 that were left then progressed to the next round, which is a true or false game and saw the guys to see how much they know about women.

The next 2 rounds would have the final 5 doing a fairground hammer bell and then performing various songs for karaoke.

The final 3 surviving guys go through to the final 2 round, which were to answer the girls questions and how much can they cope under pressure.

After this, the audience voted for the winner, with the two runner-up contestants being pushed into the pool simultaneously.

International versions[edit]

Country Title Broadcaster Presenter Premiere Finale
 Australia Man O Man Seven Network Rob Guest 5 February 1994 25 November 1994
 Denmark Mand O Mand TV3 Michael Carøe 1994
 France Le Chéri de ces dames (1995)
The Darling of the Ladies
Chéri Chéries (1998-1999)
TF1 Jean Philippe Lustyk
Pascal Brunner
25 August 1995 15 January 1999
 Germany Mann-O-Mann Sat.1 Peer Augustinski 1992 1995
 Greece άvτρες έтoіμoі γіα όλα
Andres etoimoi gia ola
Men ready for all
ANT1 Andreas Mikroutsikos 1998 2000
 Italy Beato tra le donne
Blessed among Women
Rai 1 (1994-1995, 2003)
Canale 5 (1996-2000)
Paolo Bonolis & Martufello (1994-1997)
Enrico Papi & Anna Mazzamauro (1999)
Natalia Estrada & Enrico Brignano (2000)
Massimo Giletti (2003)
1994 2003
 Spain Uno para todas
One for All[1]
Telecinco Goyo González 19 April 1995 12 September 1996
 Sweden Man O Man TV3 Peter Alhm 1996
 United Kingdom Man O Man ITV Chris Tarrant 4 May 1996 7 August 1999
 United States Man O Man UPN Michael Burger 12 August 1995


  1. ^ "Todas" has a female meaning in Spanish, so a non-literal (but more meaningful) translation would be "One for All Women"