Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

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"Man Smart (Woman Smarter)" is a calypso song whose composing is credited variously to King Radio (Norman Span), D. L. Miller, F. Kuhn, and Charles Harris.[1][2][3][4] Span's authorship seems most plausible since as a popular calypso musician and songwriter he first recorded the song in 1936, and none of the other ascribed composers are associated with calypso.[5] Miller's music industry career began around 1950.

Variations of the song have been recorded by many artists, including Harry Belafonte, the Carpenters, Rosanne Cash, Chubby Checker,[6] Dr Victor, Robert Palmer, and Ratdog. It was a staple of the live repertoire of the Grateful Dead from 1981 to 1995.[7] Belafonte's version was included on his Calypso (album), which reached number one on the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart in 1956 and remained on the chart for 31 weeks.[8][better source needed] Span is credited as the song's composer on Belafonte's album.


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