Man and Boy (novel)

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Man and Boy
First edition
Author Tony Parsons
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Romance novel
Publisher Harper Collins
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 356 pp
ISBN 9955-08-645-9
Followed by Man and Wife

Man and Boy is a novel by Tony Parsons.[1] It was awarded the 2001 British Book of the Year award.

Plot introduction[edit]

Harry Silver is a successful television producer about to turn 30. He is happily married, has a four-year-old son and drives a convertible sports car. Then he spends the night with a colleague from work and his life falls apart; his wife leaves him and emigrates to Japan, he loses his job and he has to cope with being a single parent... While coping with the stress of being a single parent, he meets another woman at a coffee shop, a woman whom he has already met with her child, then they apart Harry finds a new job and eventually moves on with his life.

TV Adaptation[edit]

A BBC One adaptation of the book was aired in 2002 starring Ioan Gruffudd and Elizabeth Mitchell.


In 2003 a sequel was released, Man and Wife, followed in 2010 by Men From the Boys to complete the trilogy.


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