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Mana, in Melanesian and Polynesian mythology, is the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe.

Mana may also refer to:

Arts, entertainment and media[edit]


Other uses in arts, entertainment and media[edit]

  • Mana (gaming), or magic, an attribute assigned to characters in role-playing or video games
  • Mana (series), a role-playing game series
  • Mana, a title serialized in South Korean manhwa magazine Wink






Religion and mythology[edit]

  • Māna, a Buddhist term for 'pride', 'arrogance', or 'conceit'
  • Mana (Mandaeism), a term roughly equivalent to the philosophical concept of 'nous'
  • Mana, or tuonela, the realm of the dead or the underworld in Finnish mythology

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