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The Mana River near the Ust-Mana village. Manskiy Plyos can be seen near the bottom center.

Mana (Russian: Ма́на) is a river in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, making a confluence with the Yenisey River some 16 kilometres (10 mi) from Krasnoyarsk city.

The Mana has a length of 475 kilometres (295 mi) and a basin area of 9,320 square kilometres (3,600 sq mi).[1] It flows north from the Eastern Sayan mountains to the Yenisey River. At the place of confluence the Ust-Mana village is located. The upper river called Pravaya Mana is a typical mountain river having many rapids, the lower part is calm, winding among the high hills. The river freezes over in the first half of November, ice breaking usually begins in the second half of April.[2]

The Mana River is a popular place of rafting tourism,[3] mostly on the calm, easily passable part of the river beginning from the Beret village or more difficult, from the village of Bolshoy Ungut.[4] The place called Manskiy Plyos near Ust-Mana is very popular for holding various festivals, such as the traditional festival of bard songs.


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