Manabasa Gurubara

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Manabasa Gurubara
Manabasa Gurubara Mahalaxmi puja.jpg
Observed by Hindu
Type Hindu
Observances Laxmi Puja
Begins Margasira Month Thursday
Frequency annual

Manabasa Gurubara is a festival of Hindus and celebrated mostly by the people of the Indian state of Odisha. In this puja Goddess Laxmi is the presiding deity. It is believed by the people that the goddess herself comes to every household and removes pain and sorrow. It is held on every Thursday of Margasira month.[1][2][3]

This is believed that Goddess Lakshmi loves a clean house so all women make their houses clean and then makes it beautiful with jhoti chita.[4] It is believed that the most beautiful house of the village will be visited by Goddess Lakshmi and can get money and prosperity.


This festival is based on the Hindu mythology of Goddess Laxmi in Laxmi Puran.[5] In this Purana, once the Goddess Laxmi visited Shriya, a scavenger Low caste woman, for which Balaram, the elder brother of Jagannath got angry with Laxmi, and she was turned out from Jagannath Temple, Puri, one of the four most sacred places of Pilgrimage (Dham) of the Hindus. Laxmi leaves the temple, and avenges the insult by cursing her husband and elder brother-in-law to go through a prolonged ordeal without food, water or shelter. The Purana raises voice against the evil practices of Untouchability in society. It also stresses importance on feminism, and empowers the female power to resist male hegemony. As per this Laxmi Puran, puja is performed for Goddess Laxmi.[6][7]