Manabe Akikatsu

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Manabe.
Manabe Akikatsu
Manabe Akikatsu.jpg
Born (1804-03-30)March 30, 1804
Died November 28, 1884(1884-11-28) (aged 80)

Manabe Akikatsu (間部 詮勝?, 30 March 1804–28 November 1884) was a Japanese daimyo of the Edo period, who ruled the Sabae Domain.[1]


Akikatsu served in a variety of positions in the Tokugawa shogunate, including Kyoto Shoshidai and rōjū.[1]


Akikatsu was the son of Manabe Akihiro. He had two brothers, including Manabe Akisane. His wife was the daughter of Matsudaira Yasutō. With her, he had issue, including Manabe Akizane, Ōkōchi Nobuhisa, Ōkōchi Masatada, and Manabe Akimichi. Masatoshi Ōkōchi, the third president of RIKEN, was the son of Masatada.


Emblem (mon) of the Manabe clan
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Preceded by
Manabe Akisane
Daimyo of Sabae
Succeeded by
Manabe Akizane
Preceded by
Doi Toshitsura
46th Kyoto Shoshidai
Succeeded by
Makino Tadamasa